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The Town is embarking on a process that will guide the Town’s future planning and development through a document called a Comprehensive Plan. As the term “comprehensive” suggests, this is an all-inclusive approach to addressing the issue of a community’s future growth. A comprehensive plan is the formal document produced through this process. The document is official in nature, meaning that it is designed to be adopted by local government. The document should then serve as a policy guide to decisions about community development and preservation.

What will this look like?

Over the course of 2018 and early 2019, this process will bring together local residents, workers, business owners, and the Town’s various Boards and Committees through public workshops and events to identify priorities, goals, and strategies that will shape Mount Pleasant over the coming decades and beyond. The Comprehensive Plan will integrate this input into a new living document that articulates that vision through policies, principles, and initiatives for community planning. The Comprehensive Plan will outline goals and policies related to central themes of strengthening and revitalizing the hamlets of Valhalla, Hawthorne and Thornwood, as well as broader Town-wide issues related to land use, natural resources, transportation, municipal services and infrastructure, economics, historic and cultural resources, sustainability, resiliency and green building.  Candid and in-depth discussions will be had regarding topics such as: what types of development we want to encourage; what kinds of open spaces do we need and where should they be?; what are the impacts to future development?; what type of housing do we need for our residents; how to maintain the tax base, etc.  This is the time for residents to get involved in the conversation and add their voice.

Be on the lookout for dates of upcoming workshops and meetings or surveys to take online. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Click HERE to participate in our Master Plan Survey. We need your input!

Who's Involved?

This is a transparent and inclusive process initiated by the Town Board and supported by a Steering Committee of local volunteers and a consultant team. 

Town Board
Steering Committee
Jane Abbate
Joe Bonanno
Neil DeLuca
Christopher DeMartino
Marisa Farrell
Natalie Gjokaj
Jim Maxwell
Tom Milliot
Carleen Verna

We're so excited to have Mt. Pleasant residents, business owners, property owners and community groups adding their input to the conversation. 

Consultant Team
Cleary Consulting
Land Use Law Center
Sullivan Architecture
Adler Consulting

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