Retired Flag Drop Box Installed at Town Hall courtesy of Francisco Quellet, Boy Scout Troop 1 Valhalla, and American Legion Post 1038

From the Desk of Supervisor Fulgenzi

As part of an Eagle Scout Project, Francisco Quellet from Boy Scout Troop 1 Valhalla, in partnership with his troop and the American Legion Post 1038, designed, constructed and installed a retired American Flag drop box at Town Hall. Below is an article written by Francisco describing this wonderful addition to Town Hall.

The American flag is a symbol of the American pride and identifies our freedom that soldiers have fought to protect. Do you treat it with respect?

Troop 1 Valhalla, in cooperation with American Legion Post 1038, designed and constructed a patriotically-colored, flag-retirement drop box for old and damaged flags that was recently installed at Mount Pleasant Town Hall. This drop box is a much needed addition to the community. The box is located next to the USPS mailbox and newly installed electric car chargers and allows for 24/7 drop offs.

The Troop 1 Valhalla and the American Legion 1038 collect old and damaged flags throughout the year and retires them in a semi-annual ceremony where more than 600 flags are disposed in accordance with the U.S. Flag Code from 1923.

Many flag-bearing citizens do not know how to properly dispose of their flags if they become stained, faded, ripped or tattered in any way. The section of the U.S. Flag Code that governs the flag states that when a flag is no longer fit to be displayed, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, preferably by burning and never in a garbage can.

This is where the new drop box comes into play. People disposing of a flag don’t have to do anything special to it before placing it in the box, however, folding the flag is recommended.

For full access to the U.S. Flag Code please visit

This new drop box will ensure that the American Flag is properly and respectfully disposed of and Supervisor Fulgenzi gratefully acknowledges Francisco, Boy Scout Troop 1 Valhalla, and the American Legion Post 1038 for their efforts on this important project. This announcement comes at such a special time with Veterans Day right around the corner; it is the perfect way to honor our Veterans and our country.

Flag dropbox close up

Flag dropbox