Reminder To Not Congregate During COVID-19 Pandemic

From the Desk of Supervisor Fulgenzi

Our Federal Government, along with New York State, Westchester County and the CDC have strongly recommended we avoid public places unless necessary and practice proper social distancing habits when in public. To be clear...remain 6 ft. apart from one another in public and DO NOT congregate in groups of 10 or more when out for NECESSARY purposes. This also means that groups of kids and adults should NOT be congregating for social purposes. It is now time to ‘Stay Home’ unless you are an essential employee. Parents, PLEASE assist us with this. Kids need to follow these directions, as do adults. The sooner we play by the rules, the sooner this will pass. Our police will be reminding the public of this when appropriate. We know it’s challenging to stay home, but lives are at stake. STAY HOME unless going out for necessary purposes.