Notice from the Receiver of Taxes: Reminder that the 2nd half of the 2018-19 School taxes are due January 31, 2019

To avoid penalties, if you pay your taxes by mail during the last days of the month, you should witness a timely U.S. postmark being affixed to the envelope. Pitney Bowes (corporate meters) and foreign postmarks are not acceptable. If you choose to pay electronically through your bank, please allow 7 days for mailing as typically the banks do not U.S. postmark. If payment is received in our office after the due date without post mark, we must return them to you and by law charge a 10% penalty.

Please call if you are a new homeowner and/or need a copy of your bill.

Click here to be taken right to the On-line Tax Payment page. Please follow the instructions and note that will need to have your bill number, amount of the original billing along with your checking account information to complete the payment transaction. 

Should you experience difficulty please contact the Receiver of Taxes Department at (914) 742-2348.