Notice from the Highway Department: Micro Surfacing Operations beginning Friday August 5, 2022

SORRY for the inconvenience but the following streets will be closed for resurfacing operations:

  • Far Hill Lane
  • Far Hill Road
  • Pheasant Run Road
  • Pond Hollow Court
  • Spruce Hill Court
  • Tanglewood Road
  • Trapping Way
  • Watch Hill Road

DATES work is tentatively scheduled to begin on Friday August 5, 2022, weather permitting.  During this time, please do not park on the street while work is being done, and follow the instructions of all traffic control personnel and the posted signage.  Please be advised that this is a two (2) lift application which will take place on separate days.  It is important to note that the streets listed above are in no particular order; therefore, the Highway Department office will not be able to provide the date/time that each specific street will be completed.  Please allow for extra time when entering & exiting your home, and plan to use alternate routes during this time, if possible.

TIME work will commence at approximately 7:00 AM.  Streets will be reopened to traffic approximately one (1) hour following completion.

IN CASE OF RAIN our work schedule will be moved up one day, until the weather clears.

PAVEMENT SEALING is necessary to protect and prevent weathering of the road surface just like a coat of wax on your car, or a coat of paint applied to your home.

MICRO SURFACING is a fast, economical method for providing a wearing surface to new or existing pavement.  Micro Surfacing is the “modern” pavement maintenance approach.  Made of fine graded aggregates and asphalt emulsions, Micro Surfacing mixes are prepared on the job and spread quickly, easily and evenly on the road.  Micro Surfacing pavement is considered by experts to be a non-polluting asphaltic product that improves skid resistance.  Your community now joins many others who are ecologically and safety conscious.

THANK YOU in advance for your patience and cooperation.  If there are any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Highway Department office at (914) 769-1045.