Notice from the Highway Department - 2021 Fall Newsletter

Brush Collection Program

Program runs from April 1st through October 31st every year.

As a friendly reminder, October is the last month for brush collection!

  • Brush refers to fallen tree branches/twigs, moderate amounts of tree pruning, bagged grass/hedge clippings, etc.
  • Please refer to the 2021 Brush Schedule (located on the back cover of the 2021 Sanitation and Recycling Schedule) to ensure that all remaining brush is left curbside before the start date of the last scheduled pick up in your area. 
  • Once crews make the final pass in your area (within the scheduled time frame in October), they will not return until April 2022 when the Brush Collection Program resumes.

Fall Leaf Collection Program

Program runs around mid to late October and continues until the winter weather curtails operations. Please be advised that any leaves put out at the curb after December 1st must be bagged, no exceptions!

Loose piles of leaves will be collected approximately every 25 working days contingent on scheduling and weather conditions.  This basically means that there will be approximately one to two leaf vacuum pickups for piles of loose leaves at each residence for the fall season. Every residence will have at least one pick up. The Highway Department will make every effort to make an additional pick up as weather allows. With this being said, if you are receiving a loose leaves pick up late in the month of November and that is your first pick up, you will likely not have another pick up; thus requiring leaves to be bagged from that point forward.  In the event of an early frost prior to December 1st, residents may be required to transition to bagging leaves sooner than expected but residents will be notified if that occurs. 

There is no set schedule for leaf bag pick-up; however, crews will continue to pick up leaf bags as often as time allows until the winter weather curtails operations. 

Did you know that leaves that are collected are turned into compost and redistributed to our residents in the spring time for use in their gardens and flower beds? It is important that loose leaves are not mixed with brush or any other materials as they will not be collected.  This is required so that we can ensure a successful and efficient leaf recycling program. 

Brush and/or trash mixed in with loose leaves slows down the decomposition process and makes a less desirable product.  In addition, brush mixed in with leaves causes our leaf vacuums to clog and disrupts/delays our collection.

  • Loose leaves should be raked to the curb in a neat pile; however, they should not be left in the roadway under any circumstances as this is a safety hazard and a violation of Town Code Section 166-7 Yard Waste.
  • Wet leaves can cause a slipping hazard to drivers and pedestrians; they can clog catch basins which may cause a potential flooding condition and will be an issue in the event of an early snowstorm. 
  • Residents must advise their landscapers or anyone maintaining their property to not blow piles of leaves into the roadway under any circumstances.
  • Residents are required to bag their leaves by December 1st due to the fact that all trucks/equipment must be converted, in preparation for the winter months, for snow maintenance operations and all of our crews must be allocated accordingly. 
  • As specified above, leaves placed in biodegradable paper leaf bags will be collected all throughout the Fall Leaf Collection Program as often as time allows with no set schedule.  These bags must be left curbside.
  • We mention that loose leaves collection will begin mid to late October because the timing in which the majority of leaves fall is always contingent on the current weather conditions for that particular year. 
  • For this year’s collection, crews will begin picking up piles of loose leaves in Section 1 and will then continue with Sections 2, 3, 4 & 5 in consecutive order as this has proven to be the most efficient schedule and method in terms of loose leaf collection.
  • Leaf bags are available for purchase at Berger Hardware in Hawthorne or other local in-town home centers. 

Leave Em in Place

The Town of Mount Pleasant is one of fourteen municipalities that encourages "Leave Em In Place".  We encourage everyone to avoid having to bag or pile leaves by using a mulching mower and keeping the leaves in place. This will save you time and money and it doesn’t require you to have any bags or piles of leaves left in front of your home!  Furthermore, it reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of equipment needed to pick-up, transport, mulch and return the decomposed mulch to your lawn.  Leave Em In Place is much more efficient and your lawn and our environment will thank you!

No Dumping

Due to continued limitations, residents are not permitted under any circumstances to enter the Highway Department Facility to dispose of any items; which includes but is not limited to leaf bags, loose piles of brush/leaves, household trash, bulk items, furniture, etc. 


Please feel free to contact the Highway Department at any time should you have any questions and/or concerns (914) 769-1045. We thank you for your anticipated cooperation and we wish all of our residents a wonderful and safe fall season ahead!