Notice from the Highway Department: 2019 Brush Collection Program has ended & Fall Leaf Collection Program begins

From the Desk of Supervisor Fulgenzi

The Highway Department’s 2019 Brush Collection Program has ended and the Fall Leaf Collection Program began on Friday, November 1, 2019.


  • In regards to recent storm related brush, specifically from trees on Town property only, we will do our best to make another pass through each of the sections if time and resources allow prior to the end of the year; however, it is not guaranteed and it is contingent on weather conditions.  All of our crews and equipment have currently been transitioned for the Fall Leaf Collection Program.  It is important for us to stay on schedule with all other operations due to the winter months fast approaching.
  • Any storm related brush such as entire trees or large piles of tree limbs/branches from private property will not be taken by the Highway Department due to the fact that we are not responsible for private property maintenance.  We strongly advise residents to please contact a tree service and/or landscaper to dispose of any remaining brush/tree limbs left curbside, especially if it is storm related material from private property. 

Leaf pick up:

  • Our leaf vacuums & trucks picking up leaf bags started leaf pick up on November 1, 2019 in the Valhalla section. Crews will then be working their way to the Westlake section, the Hawthorne section, the Thornwood section and finally the Pleasantville section. 
  • There is no set schedule for loose leaves or leaf bag pick up in the fall months; however, it is our goal and intention to make it to each residence approximately every 20-25 working days, weather permitting, until the winter weather curtails operations. 
  • All loose leaves must be bagged as of December 1, 2019.
  • We remind residents not to pile loose leaves and/or brush in the roadway seeing as this is a direct violation of Town Code and it is a safety hazard.  Many roads are also currently getting prepped for paving; therefore, that is another reason residents must comply with the regulations for the leaf collection program, as to not cause any delays in the upcoming paving operations.
  • Please ensure that all brush related material is not mixed in with the loose leaves. This may cause leaf vacuum trucks to clog thus delaying leaf collection operations. 
  • Please remind landscapers or anyone maintaining your property of the proper regulations for leaf pick up. 

Please refer to our 2019 Fall Newsletter for more detailed information or feel free to contact the Highway Department office should you have any further questions, 914-769-1045.