2019 Tax Refund Checks Issued

During this challenging time, we wanted to share some good, long awaited, news.

As some residents may recall, in June 2019, the Town Supervisor called for a special Town Board Meeting to request authorization to submit a Home Rule Request for adoption of State Legislation to refund late charges on certain real property taxes for the 2019 County and Town taxes based on the failure of the United States Postal Service to deliver tax bills. The resolution was passed and the bill was then passed by the New York State Senate and Assembly in late June and sent to Governor Cuomo for his signature.

In October 2019, Supervisor Fulgenzi announced that the Governor signed the bill into law. Following this announcement, the Town Board passed a resolution allowing the Comptroller to refund any fines, penalties and interest of $25.00 or more accrued on or before May 31, 2019 as identified by the Receiver of Taxes' office. 

These refund checks have been processed by the Comptroller's office and will be mailed to the impacted residents this week. The paperwork with the check will read 2019 tax refund along with the residents' section, block and lot.