What about snow removal?
  1. As per Town Code Section 206-17, all vehicles are NOT allowed to be parked on any Town highway or street starting December 1st and ending April 1st from the hours of 1 am to 6 am. This is done to avoid congestion and facilitate the removal of snow and ice from the Town highways during the winter season.
  2. The Highway Department is responsible for plowing and salting 242 lane miles of roadway and 27 lane miles of county and state roads.
  3. All primary roads are treated first using the latest in de-icing chemicals, liquids and abrasives. All secondary roads are treated second.
  4. All primary roads are plowed first when snow levels reach 1 inch. All secondary roads are plowed second.
  5. The Town uses over 25 snow plow vehicles to keep the roads safe and clean.
  6. Residents are not allowed to shovel or plow any snow from his or her own property into the roadway.
  7. Regarding Private Plows - If you, or a private contractor, are plowing your private driveway or parking lot, snow may not be pushed into or across the street. It must be plowed to the rear of your property.
  8. Please be advised that if any resident or contractor is seen plowing or shoveling snow into any street or highway in the Town of Mount Pleasant, fines will be issued seeing as this is a direct violation of Town Code as well as safety hazard.

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