What are the brush collection regulations?

Bags and brush must be placed at the curb according to the dates listed on the most current version of the brush schedule. Please refer to the most current "Highway Department Brush Collection Schedule" chart to identify when your brush should be placed at the curb for its monthly pick up. Please note that normal conditions require 3-5 working days to complete each section, weather permitting.

All brush must be cut into no more than 4 feet lengths and placed at the curb no later than 7 am on the morning of the first scheduled pickup day for your area. Leaves must be in biodegradable paper bags. Plastic bags are not acceptable. No single item, bundle of brush, bag, etc. can weigh more than 50 pounds. Bundles of brush/bags must be capable of being handled by one person. Dirt, rocks or other items should not be placed in the leaf bags. Should any other items be placed in the leaf bags, the bags will not be collected, no exceptions!

Brush will be picked up at private residences only. It will not be picked up for contractors or owners clearing land.

Stumps, logs and large uncut leaders will not be collected.

Should our trucks appear in your area before the scheduled start date due to a lighter load in a previous area, the truck will still return to your area on the scheduled start day. Brush and bags Must Not be mixed with materials left at the curb for sanitation pickup.

Please Note: A maximum of Fifteen Minutes will be spent at any one location so that the town wide schedule can be maintained. No exceptions!

Brush cannot be collected after October 31st, no exceptions! The entire work force begins its fall leaf collection program on November 1st (weather permitting), and continues until the winter weather curtails operations. The brush schedule resumes April 1st, weather permitting.

Should you miss a scheduled pick up in your area, trucks will not return until the next month's scheduled pick up date in order to maintain the town wide schedule, No exceptions!

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