What do I need to know about Architectural Review Board Applications?

The Architectural Review Board reviews:

  1. All applications for signage and facades on non-residential property.
  2. All new construction and renovations - non-residential. Any changes (paint color, additions, etc.)

What do I need for an Architectural Review Board Application?

  1. The applicant shall submit an application for Building Permit, an Architectural Board of Review Application, 11 copies of the certified survey and plans drawn to scale, and the required fee (as determined by the Building Department) to the Building Department.
  2. Free Standing Signs and Signs on Building:
    1. Free Standing signs are considered a structure and must be approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals prior to being reviewed by the Architectural Board of Review. A separate application to the Zoning Board must be filed.
    2. Applicants for all signs must submit copies of a plan drawn to scale showing the dimensions of the front of the building and the location of the sign thereon. Complete dimensions of the sign and lettering must be indicated along with colors. Color samples of lettering and background should be submitted if possible.
    3. Copies of the survey or site plan must be submitted and, in the case of free-standing signs, the location of signs on the property must be shown with dimensions from the nearest building and the setback from the road. (Signs are not permitted on right-of-ways.)
    4. Details of the construction of signs, including the type of framing and method of fastening to the building should be provided. For a free-standing sign, the dimensions and height of the post that the sign will be mounted on should be provided. If lighting is to be used, indicate the type of lighting and wattage. Photographs are recommended in addition to the above.
  3. New Construction and Renovations for Commercial Buildings
    1. Applicants must submit 11 sets of the survey, elevation drawings, and landscaping plans. In addition 1 complete set of construction drawings is to be submitted. Provide color samples of exterior building materials, i.e., block, brick stone, roof shingles, exterior plywood, windows, doors, railings, and color samples of trim, etc. Lighting details and type of fixture and details of the parking area, i.e. curbs, bumpers, plantings, and walkways. Photographs are recommended in addition to the above.

Please note: For reference, you can see a copy of these forms on the Forms and Applications page. These forms are carbonized and the original form must be picked up in the Building Department.

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