What do I need for an informal review of the assessment on my residential property?

The Assessor's Office will, upon request, provide an informal review of your assessment if you believe the equalized value exceeds the current market value of your property.

To determine your equalized market value, divide the total assessment of your property by the latest residential assessment ratio. If the result is higher than the current market value of your property, you may be over-assessed.

Informal review requests (which may be made by the property owner, contract vendee, or a real estate agent authorized by the owner) must be made in writing and include the following:

  • Your opinion of the current market value of the property supported by an appraisal or analysis which includes a thorough description of all improvements and conclusive evidence of market value (generally, a Fannie Mae appraisal by an NYS licensed appraiser provides the best documentation).
  • A list of all improvements made to the home within the last two years. Also, include improvements that you plan to make prior to next June 1.
  • A contact name and daytime phone number to arrange an inspection if necessary

Please be advised that the deadline for filing an Informal Review request is the last business day in March for consideration on the June 1st Tentative Assessment Roll. If the assessment is reduced, you will receive a letter to that effect on or around June 1st. Taxes based on this assessment start with the town/county tax bill issued in April of the following year.

If your assessment is not reduced, you will be advised. If you choose, you may file a grievance with the Board of Assessment Review by the third Tuesday in June.

Assessed Value divided by Residential Assessment Ratio = Assessor's Estimate Market Value

Note: It is not possible to offer this service between April 1st and August 1st in any given year as the appropriate time is not available to devote to each case.

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