Will my assessment increase if I improve or renovate my home?

It depends. Generally, any improvement that increases the market value of your home should increase your assessment. However, each project is reviewed individually and sometimes an increase isn't warranted.

If you are contemplating an improvement/renovation and want to obtain an estimate on whether your assessment will change and to what extent, this office can help you.

  • Please provide us with plans and/or drawings as detailed as possible.
  • A statement of the intended work to be done.
  • An estimate of market costs to complete the project (full market value).

We will reply by letter with an estimate of the change, if any, to your assessment, which is good for one year from the date of the written response and subject to our inspection and verification of the work done upon completion of the same.

Please call the Assessor's office at 914-742-2345 if you have questions.

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