Why are we just hearing about this problem now?

The Town is only required to send out direct notices when the state standards are exceeded. In the last fourteen years, Kensico Water District only exceeded the Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL) one other time in 2011 while the Pocantico Water District only exceeded the MCL in 2016. However, we are required and do publish our annual averages for Haloacetic Acids for all ten of our water districts in Annual Water Quality Reports. Post cards of these reports are posted for viewing when they are available to inform district customers. We also provide the most recent reports online for viewing anytime. The fourteen year average for Haloacetic Acids is 50.9 and 45.4 micrograms per liter for Kensico and Pocantico Water Districts respectively. These averages are under the MCL as established by the State and EPA.

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1. Do you drink the water?
2. When will the Town receive new testing results?
3. When is the Town meeting with the consultant Woodard & Curran Engineers and what is their timeline of any possible info or updates?
4. Has the Town reached out to all schools?
5. When is the Town having the water re-tested for these acids?
6. Is the water safe to drink and use right now?
7. I have a compromised immune system, should I use the water?
8. Do filters work and can you recommend a filter to use?
9. Why do other municipalities not have these issues?
10. Why are we just hearing about this problem now?
11. Are there any other ways to reduce these contaminants?