Why do other municipalities not have these issues?

All municipalities have some levels of Haloacetic Acids within their water. Other municipalities have had levels that exceeded the standard in the past and several operate at Haloacetic Acid water concentrations that are half of what we traditionally yield. Municipalities with lower levels either filter their water or have smaller systems that do not require extended contact times for their disinfectant to safely disable the pathogens in their system. This level of chlorine and reduced age of the water in a smaller system tends to keep by-product levels down. The Town considered installing a $10M filtration system within the Kensico Water District in 1997 due to change in the regulations. Around this time the Town consolidating the Hawthorne, Thornwood and Valhalla districts while incurring $24M in debt to complete necessary upgrades the operations of the districts. This work also included the lining of a majority of the water mains in the district which aids to decrease the disinfection by-products that could be formed within the system. As the Town received a waiver from having to install this plant, the additional cost on top of the debt incurred for the required capital improvements may have been too costly.

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1. Do you drink the water?
2. When will the Town receive new testing results?
3. When is the Town meeting with the consultant Woodard & Curran Engineers and what is their timeline of any possible info or updates?
4. Has the Town reached out to all schools?
5. When is the Town having the water re-tested for these acids?
6. Is the water safe to drink and use right now?
7. I have a compromised immune system, should I use the water?
8. Do filters work and can you recommend a filter to use?
9. Why do other municipalities not have these issues?
10. Why are we just hearing about this problem now?
11. Are there any other ways to reduce these contaminants?