What do I need for a Zoning Board application?
  1. The applicant shall submit a written application and electronic version for Zoning and Building Permit to the Building Department together with 3 sets of a certified survey and proposed site plan each showing and indicating all existing and proposed structures with proper dimensions, setbacks, and lot area including decks, tool sheds, swimming pools, etc. together with elevation drawings required fee, $100 for proposed work, $350 for Existing structures.
  2. Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to a meeting to be considered for placement on the next agenda.
  3. An appointment with the Zoning Administrator and Building Inspector will be scheduled for plan review, following that meeting, and upon receiving a denial letter from the Building Department further documentation including (2) Zoning Board of Appeals applications (blue forms) and a short environmental assessment form will be issued for the applicant to complete.
  4. Applicants must submit the Zoning Board of Appeals (blue forms) applications in person and will be responsible for the publishing of the legal public notice (prepared by the Zoning Administrator) in the Journal News as well as the mailings certified return receipt to the adjoining neighbors (prepared by the Zoning Administrator)
  5. Applicants will be furnished with all information pertaining to this notification process along with the name and addresses of the adjoining neighbors.
  6. Applicants will then be placed on the agenda for the next available meeting.
  7. A decision is usually rendered the night of the meeting unless it is adjourned by the Board.
  8. Upon receipt of the written Resolution of Approval from the Board, a Building Permit must be obtained from the Building Inspector prior to the start of any construction.

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1. What do I need for a Zoning Board application?