When and where do I go to pay my school taxes?

School taxes are collected for the Union Free School District of the Tarrytown, Mount Pleasant CSD, Pocantico Hills, Pleasantville UFSD, Valhalla UFSD, Chappaqua UFSD, Byram Hills UFSD, and Briarcliff Manor UFSD for those properties that are located in the Town of Mt. Pleasant.

Please note only one bill is sent out during the last week of August. If at any time you do not receive your bill, please call the Receiver of Taxes office for a duplicate at 914-742-2348.

Please note: If your property is sold after the September payment, but prior to the payment of the second half of this school tax bill, you must notify the new owner of the January tax lien payment due.

  • School taxes are payable in two installments.
  • The first half of school taxes are due by September 30th without penalty.
  • The second half of school taxes are due by January 31st without penalty.

Schedule of Penalties

School Tax Payments

MonthFirst HalfSecond Half










December to January



February to March






May 1 to Date of Foreclosure

1% per month on unpaid delinquent tax (12% per annum)


There is a $25 charge for returned checks.

Please be advised that payments in cash must be in exact amounts.

In addition, New York State Law provides that the Tax Receiver cannot waive penalties on real estate taxes after the due date for any reason.

Paying By Mail

  • If mailing a tax payment a few days prior to the due date, make certain that you witness a timely official United States postmark being affixed to the envelope. Postage meter (i.e. Pitney Bowes) and foreign postmarks are not acceptable, an envelope containing payment of local taxes, without a U.S. Postmark date is deemed paid on the date received. (NYS Real Property Tax Law, section 924a)
  • Effective January 2003, new legislation now allows us to accept FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Airborne as timely deliveries if postmarked by the last day of the collection period. (NYS Real Property Tax Law, section 925)
  • Please include your telephone number on your check-in in case the Tax office needs to reach you.

Where an envelope containing payment of local taxes contains no U.S. postmark date, payment of such taxes is deemed to have been made on the date the payment is received. Also, New York State law provides that a property owner is not relieved of the responsibility for payment of taxes or interest prescribed by law despite the failure to receive notice of such taxes due.

Tax Payment Receipts will be furnished upon request.

Properties with taxes remaining unpaid after 21 months will go into foreclosure.

The towns in Westchester County are fiscal agents for the collection of school taxes. Budgets are prepared and adopted for a public referendum and are not the function of the Town Government. All inquiries concerning budget matters or expenditures should be directed to your School District or School Board.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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