When is leaf pick-up?

Leaves are collected by the Town of Mount Pleasant Highway Department commencing around October 15th and continuing until the winter weather curtails the operations. Loose leaves should be raked to the curb in a pile; however, they should not be left in the roadway seeing as that is a safety hazard as well as a violation of Town Code Section 166-7 Yard Waste. Loose leaves should not be mixed with any other materials as they will not be collected. Loose leaves will be collected about every 25 working days depending on weather conditions. This basically means that there will be approximately two leaf vacuum pickups at each residence for the fall season starting October 15th until December 1st. Please be aware that any leaves put out at the curb after December 1st, Must Be Bagged, no exceptions.

As specified above, loose leaves left in the roadway are a violation of Town Code. Wet leaves can cause a slipping hazard to drivers and pedestrians; they can clog catch basins that can cause a flooding condition and will be an issue in the event of an early snowstorm. The Town of Mount Pleasant is not looking to fine anyone but in the interest of safety, if the violation continues, we will have no choice then to institute a fine to property owners. If you have a landscaper, please advise them of the Town Code.

Please feel free to contact the Highway Department at any time should you have any further questions and/or concerns 914-769-1045.

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