Filters reported to remove Haloacetic Acids

Refrigerated water filters containers reported as filters that remove Haloacetic Acids

ZeroWater - "Thank you for contacting ZeroWater. Our filters have been independently tested and do remove haloacetic acid." - Chris, ZeroWater Help Desk Agent (Email/ March 7, 2019)

Brita - "Among investigated handling strategies, only tap water filtration with a Brita pitcher led to simultaneous removal of both types of chlorinated DBPs under investigation." - Effects of indoor drinking water handling on trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids (Study/ May 31, 2006). See Effects of Indoor Drinking Water Handling on Haloacetic Acids (PDF) to review the full study.

Whole house filtration systems reported to remove Haloacetic Acids

Springwell (Whole House Filter CF1) - SpringWell Water Filtration Systems website or 800-589-5592. See Springwell Filters Email March 15th 2019 (PDF) for more information.

AquaOx - AquaOx Water Filters Website or 803-709-7378. See AuaOx Filter (PDF) for the list of contaminates removed.

PropurUSA - PUR website or 248-255-0251. See ProPUR Filters (PDF) for the list of contaminates removed.