What Do I Need For a Planning Board Application?

Subdivisions, Site Plans, Steep Slope Permits, Wetlands Permits, and Accessory Apartment Applications: Please call ahead to confirm quantity of hard copies and online portal applications. All submissions require a USB containing all files.

  1. Complete application forms (may be printed from the Planning and Zoning Forms and Instructions page or obtained in the Planning and Zoning Department) please use our Online Portal to submit an application and pay fees electronically, (see fee schedule under forms). As stated above please call for quantity of hard copies of a subdivision plat or site plan. Plans should be prepared by licensed engineer or architect with stamp and seal and should include topography, drainage, road profiles, utilities, and landscaping (elevation drawings, parking, lighting fixtures for site plans).
  2. Updated survey
  3. An escrow account must be established by the applicant to cover the cost of the Town's Planning Consultant's professional review of the project per Sec. A224-2.
  4. Environmental Assessment Form (full or short depending on project) must be submitted. This form may be printed from our EFA Forms page.
  5. All material should be submitted 3 weeks prior to a meeting in order to be considered for placement on a meeting agenda.
  6. Steep Slope and Wetlands Permits are filed with the Engineering Department and then referred to the Planning Board if needed. Telecommunications towers and satellite antennas are also reviewed by the Planning Board.
  7. Accessory Apartment applications are filed with the Planning Office for review for approval or denial by the Planning Board per Sec. 218-36. Applications may be obtained from the Planning Office and must include floor plans of main dwelling unit and accessory apartment with complete room dimensions, ceiling height, and window measurements prepared by a licensed architect or engineer. A survey of the property and photographs showing parking area for 4 vehicles on site, and the exterior of the dwelling must be submitted.
  8. All new construction, renovations, and signs for commercial property must go before the Architectural Board of Review.