Town of Mount Pleasant Military Tribute Banners

 The Town of Mount Pleasant is proud to honor our Military Veterans and thrilled to see such an outpour of support from our residents! Banners are on display from Memorial Day through Veterans Day each year. A big thank you to Councilwoman Zaino who implemented this program and to the Traffic & Safety Department for installation!

2023 Banner Program and 2024 Rehanging Instructions
Our 2023 banner program is coming to an end. Existing banners will be taken down the week of November 13th

If you are interested in your banner being hung next year for the 2024 program please send the $50 rehanging fee* no later than February 1, 2023. A reminder email will also go out next year.

If you are not interested in rehanging your banner, please let Danielle Zaino know via email ( and a pickup can be arranged.

Please note: Banners will not be rehung without payment first. Banners without payment will be pulled from the program and set aside for pickup.

 *Rehanging fee payment instructions:

  1. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Mount Pleasant Comptroller and mailed to:
    Danielle Zaino
    380 Westlake Drive
    Valhalla, NY 10595
  2. For credit card payments, please call Angela at (914) 742-2310.

2024 Banner Program
Application information to sponsor a 2024 banner will be posted to the Town's website in January 2024. If you aren’t signed up to receive News and Updates notifications from the Town of Mount Pleasant, please sign up today!