Genealogical Records

The Mount Pleasant Town Clerk maintains a permanent record of all Births and Deaths that have occurred at Westchester Medical Center (formerly Grasslands Hospital) or within the Town, as well as Marriage records for those who obtained their marriage license from the Town of Mount Pleasant, regardless of where the marriage ceremony occurred. The Town Clerk's Office strictly adheres to New York State law when processing, handling, and issuing these records.

Please be advised, per NYS law, Genealogy applicants will receive an uncertified copy of the requested record, which is to be used for genealogical purposes only. If you need a certified copy for a legal reason (i.e. dual citizenship, legal affairs, etc.), please provide supporting documentation.


  • No information shall be released from a record unless the person to whom the record relates is known to the applicant to be deceased.
  • No information shall be released unless the record has been on file for a minimum required period: birth records must have been on file for at least 75 years; death records for 50 years; marriage records for 50 years (both parties to the marriage must be deceased).
  • The time periods are waived for direct-line descendants. A direct-line descendant is a person in the direct line of descent, i.e., the child, grandchild, or great-grandchild of the person whose record is requested. The direct-line descendant applicant must provide the following:
    • Proof of their relationship to the person whose record they are requesting.
    • Proof of the death of the person whose birth certificate they are requesting.
    • Proof of the death of both spouses whose marriage certificate they are requesting.
    • A party acting on behalf of a descendant shall provide documentation that the descendant authorized the party to make such an application.


$22 per record, which includes a three-year search and copy of the requested record OR certification of no record. Each additional copy of that record is $10.

Get Genealogical Records In Person / By Mail

In Person

Please bring a valid, government-issued photo ID, any necessary supporting documentation, and $22 cash per copy. We do not accept credit/debit cards and there is no ATM on the premises. 

Please note: you may not get your record on the same day, as our older records are archived outside the office.

By Mail

You may send us the completed application form (above) or written request, a photocopy of a valid, government-issued photo ID, any necessary supporting documentation, and payment by money order made payable to the Town of Mount Pleasant. You must include the name of the person(s) on the certificate and the date of the birth, death, or marriage.

Emily Costanza, Town Clerk
One Town Hall Plaza
Valhalla, NY 10595