Requirements For An Architectural Review Board Application

Free Standing Signs & Signs on Building

Free-standing signs may need Zoning Board approval before being submitted to the Architectural Review Board.

All applicants must submit an application for Zoning and Building Permit (obtained in the Building Department), an Architectural Review Board application (obtained in the Planning Department), and 4 copies of a site plan, drawn to scale showing dimensions of building and location of sign thereon. Complete dimensions of sign and lettering must be indicated and colors noted. Color samples of lettering and background are needed. A copy of the survey must also be submitted and, if the free-standing sign, where located on the property with dimensions from building and right-of-way. Details of construction of sign including type of framing and method of fastening to building. If lighting is to be used, indicate type of lighting and wattage. Photographs are required. Owner's permission must be obtained in writing.

The owner must be present at the meeting.

Commercial - New Construction & Renovations

All applicants must submit 4 copies of site plan, all elevation drawings, and landscaping plan. Samples of exterior building materials, i.e. block, brick, roof shingles, exterior plywood and color samples of trim. Lighting details and types of fixtures and details of parking area, i.e. curbs, bumpers, plantings. Photographs are required.