Active Peddling & Soliciting Licenses

To protect the safety and security of Mount Pleasant Residents, businesses or individuals must apply for a Peddling and Soliciting License from the Town Clerk's Office. To obtain a license, individuals must pass a background investigation by the Police Department and meet requirements established by the Town Board in Town Code Chapter 153 "Peddling and Soliciting". Licensees are required to carry their Peddling and Soliciting License at all times and must furnish it upon request of any person. Peddling and Soliciting Licenses may be revoked by the Town Clerk at any time for violation of any part of Town Code Chapter 153.

View the Town Code Chapter 153 "Peddling and Soliciting" in full for more details.

Businesses / Companies with Currently Licensed Staff

  • Power Home Remodeling Group
  • Sunrun Solar
  • Trinity Solar
  • Verizon Fios

Licensees shall not peddle or solicit at any address that displays a No Soliciting sign (see Chapter 153 for specific details), nor outside of the permitted hours set forth in Chapter 153.

If you have concerns about specific peddlers or solicitors, please call the Police Department's non-emergency number, 914-769-1941. If you have questions about the licensing process or Town Code, please contact the Town Clerk at 914-742-2312.