Street Opening Permit Information

Application Fee: $100 (non-refundable), check made payable to Town of Mount Pleasant.

Bond Fee: $200 per linear foot. The bond fee is refundable once the work has been completed and the road has been restored and inspected by the Superintendent of Highways. Curb to curb restorations are required. Please make check payable to Town of Mount Pleasant.

In order to be issued a Street Opening Permit, you must first call in a CODE 753 so that all underground utilities are marked out prior to any work beginning. You must provide our office with a Dig Safely Ticket Number to place on the permit itself. Either dial 811 or contact 800-962-7962 and follow the prompts in order to obtain a ticket number.

The Highway Department office will need a sketch, drawing and/or plans of the proposed work so that the Superintendent of Highways can review it prior to permit issuance.