Department Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the engineering department include: 

  • Processing permits for wetlands and implementation of wetlands applications; 
  • Preparing plans, specifications, and contract documents for Town projects going out for bid; 
  • Providing technical support to Town Board, Planning Board, and other Town Departments; 
  • Maintaining record drawings of Town utility pipes; 
  • Reviewing proposed land development projects; 
  • Maintaining records of taxpayers' sanitary sewer house connections in the right-of-way to the sewer main; 
  • Maintaining complete topographic maps of the entire town in electronic format and hard copy; 
  • Designing public works projects for in-house construction and bids; 
  • Maintaining reproducible copies of filed realty subdivision plats; 
  • Monitoring construction of water mains, sewer mains, road construction, and storm drainage in new realty subdivisions;
  • Monitoring performance and maintenance bonds in new subdivisions; 
  • Advising the Planning Board and Town Board on matters; 
  • Issuing house numbers for new construction.
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