New Online Service Center Now Available!

The Building Department is happy to announce our new Online Service Center! Permit applications for Building, Fire Alarm, Electrical, and Plumbing are now available online. With this new service, residents and businesses will be able to submit and pay for building permit applications online, track and monitor the status of their applications, save in-progress application drafts, request inspections, review historical permits, payments, inspections, and in-progress applications, and message Town staff throughout the application approval process! For more information, please visit the Help, Links, Guides, and Other Information page.

Building Department Responsibilities

The Town of Mount Pleasant's Building Department is responsible for Building and Construction Permits and enforcement of Building, Fire, and Zoning codes. The Building Department enforces all life, building, fire, and zoning codes for all occupancies both commercial and residential construction performed in the Town of Mount Pleasant. Residential and commercial properties are required to obtain Building Permits for any and all structural improvements, changes, and renovations. All plans must indicate they meet all 2020 International Residential Building Codes and Energy Codes (Res Check).

The Building Department oversees: life safety, fire safety, environmental issues, landfill issues, property maintenance, zoning determinations, plumbing inspections, blasting determinations, elevator inspections, drainage and retention, and signage.

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